5 Famous Classic Italian Writers

Writing is a talent that only a few people have. Every country has its classic writers, but in this article, we are going to take a look at the five classic Italian writers. If you would like to be a writer, you can read this article and be inspired by these writers. 
Ludovico Ariosto

This writer was born in 1447; he became popular because of his romance poem, which was very epic. 
Italo Calvino
He was both a journalist and an author at the same time. He wrote many novels, among them is ‘If on a winters night a traveler’ which was published in 1979. This book is also among the 1001 books one must read before dying. By the time he was dying, he was already the most translated author in the entire world. 
General Gabriele
Of all the writers in this list, he is the one who had the most fascinating life. He was a fierce soldier who participated in World War 1, a poet and a renowned author. He wrote his first novel in 1889 with the ‘The child of pleasure ‘as its title.
Umberto Eco
‘The name of the Rose’ is one of the novels that have made him be known by many people. He was a philosopher and a semiotician. Most novels he wrote were mainly about the meaning as well as the interpretation of communication. He was also a well-known college professor and a literary critic.

Alessandro Manzoni
This author became famous because of his novel, which was titled ‘The Betrothed.’ He wrote this novel in 1827. It is said that a new and unified Italy was able to be formed because of this novel. It is also said that without this novel, Italy wouldn’t be Italy as it is now.
The above are the top 5 Italian classic writers.